A Bubbly World made by the Bubble Factory

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A Bubbly World made by the Bubble Factory

A Bubbly World made by the Bubble Factory

roppets bubble show

Bubble Factory is a production of Roppets Edutainment Production Inc. A unique kind of Bubble show composed of female bubble artists in themed costume performing complicated bubble formations while dancing to the beat of selected musical theme. Plenty of bubbles created in one act while it moves together with the music. Thematically arranged music edited to suit the taste of the audience. See the longest bubbles and a kid placed inside a big bubble.

This concept of having three all girl performers was conceptualized and pioneered by Roppets. The Bubble Factory is the first and only Bubble Show in the Philippines that has themed costume, lights, smoke machine with dance and choreography in the Philippines. Bubble factory started by Mr. Danny Liwanag, Director of Roppets, got the idea of having a bubble show here in the Philippines with a touch of an artistic concept. Combining the art of dancing and the art of bubble making, Bubble factory was born with a unique performance.

bubble show by roppets

After suggesting this show to direct clients and at the same time, party shops, Bubble Factory was a hit for birthday partiesevents,mall shows and school tour. Then, Bubble factory started to be famous in the field of entertainment for kids. Usually, clients request is a bubble show that put the kids and adults inside the giant bubble, now, after the bubble factory changed the trend, clients request themed bubble show that only the bubble factory is well known for it in the field of children’s entertainment.

Bubble Factory started with a simple costume, a uniformed costume for the 3 performers, and only had one theme. Now, Bubble factory offers a wide range of themed costumes for clients to suit their theme for birthday parties and events. Bubble Factory has 14 themed costumes namely;


Best for sporty type of themed party or High school musical theme, cars, and Hollywood party.


One of the first themed costume of Bubble Factory. Great for Luau parties, beach, pool party, summer and Hawaiian theme.


Also one of the oldest themes of Bubble Factory, same as the Hawaiian, Tropical theme has a touch of a upbeat music and a faster dance.

Pop Disney

Costume and songs came from the Disney characters for teens like camp rock, hanna Montana, and other Disney shows. Best for pop rock themes, Disney, Hanna Montana, Camp rock themes etc.


The Concept started from a Broadway musical show and bubble factory adapted the concept and music to bubble show. Now, Broadway theme is more upbeat and more appealing to kids with a new costume and music. Best for broadway theme party.


Safari theme by the Bubble factory is more like a jungle theme. Performers wear a brown up and down uniform set of a safari hunter. Music and dance is thematically arranged to a safari bubble show. Best for Safari, Madagascar, jungle, forest and animal themed party.


Halloween themed Bubble Show is suited for Halloween parties because of its costume, music and dance. Best for Halloween and scary party.


Star theme by the bubble factory was categorized as the star theme because of the music that came from the songs of Disney that has a star in their lyrics and choreography, name of the bubble and dance is connected to stars. Best for Disney themes, Star, fairy, nature and princess.

Play House Disney

Well-known characters like Goofy, Daisy duck and Minnie mouse, Bubble Factory got the idea of having a play house Disney theme for a bubble show performance. Using the music of their theme songs and costume, this themed bubble show is more appealing to kids ages 1 year old to 7 years old. Best for playhouse Disney theme, Disney, Minnie mouse theme, daisy and Goofy.

Outer Space theme

One of the most unique and distinctive theme of Bubble factory is the outer space or intergalactic theme. Using trance clean music and reflectorized costumes, bubble factory produced one of the best selling theme for bubble show.


A one of a kind bubble show that performs bubble tricks using latin music and costume. Best for latin theme parties and carnival or circus theme.


One of the best art is dancing the belly dance, using this concept for bubble show, remarkable feedbacks was accepted. Using Arabian Music and belly dancer costumes, bubble factory made one of the best theme bubble show in the field of shows for kids.


Using the concept of the wild wild west, in terms of costume and music, kids will love these one of a kind bubble show. Best for wild wild west theme, cowboy, Indian theme, farm, barn and animal theme parties.


All music are all Christmas songs and at the same time, the costumes. Dancing and performing bubble tricks to the tune of our favorite Christmas songs, bubble factory made a twist for a performance during Christmas season.

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