Bubble show like no other by The Bubble Factory

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Bubble show like no other by The Bubble Factory

Bubble show like no other by The Bubble Factory


Have you ever  watched a bubble Show live? If not, then it is your chance to experience what’s inside the world of bubbles and know how to do it. The exciting and amazing event behind it brings you to an unforgettable experience.

The bubble show by The Bubble Factory is described as a musical play form in which the performers are creating huge bubbles and figures while dance and choreography. It varies in different themes, each theme compose of its own music and own colorful costume that may attract the audience according to what kind of celebration is going to be held.

bubble show by the bubble factory roppets

Birthday Parties, Mall Activities, School Events, Christmas, Halloween; these are some relevant occasions in which Bubble Show takes part, just like Mascot, it gives enjoyment, happiness, excitement to those who ever watched this show.

Let us feel the world of fantasy and amazing story behind the music and its choreography. The artistic form of this show is completely wonderful, like a fairytale that makes your dreams come true. For an affordable price, you may now have the chance to experience and see some unbelievable tricks on how the performers create different forms and shapes of bubbles not only for special occasion but also for enjoyment and recreation.

bubble show by the bubble factory roppets

It reflects in our culture that a Filipino could be proud of, but most of the time, some people are not interested on what’s going on about the show. Do you think a Birthday Party is completely exciting if there’s something missing like a bubble Show? Or do you think Christmas is more fun if there’s no show like this?  Don’t you think that this kind of celebrations come only once a year, so why we shouldn’t make it more fabulous. You are not only giving happiness to the most important people in your life but also in the whole world.

bubble show by the bubble factory roppets

You may choose what shape you want or what size it could be. I think every child will be happier than the birthday parties they ever had. So let us make this as a special gift for them.

bubble show by the bubble factory roppets

Call us and book our one of a kind bubble show and experience the fun and thrill of being inside a giant bubble! Get the ORIGINAL BUBBLE SHOW WITH DANCE NUMBER AND BUBBLE CHOREOGRAPHY! THE BUBBLE FACTORY!


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