The art of puppetry has never been at its best until a unique, highly talented group of puppeteers, tagged, the Roppets Puppet Production, revolutionized this special art.

Awarded the Most Outstanding Educational Entertainment by the Who’s who in the Philippines Awards and The National Consumers Council, Roppets lives up to its ideals of providing quality ‘entertainment’.

Roppets Puppet Productions gives specialized service in edutainment, a term confined for educational and entertainment production. It is committed to providing quality entertainment through attractive puppet and mascot characters, interesting storylines, and innovative technical effects. It educates by the enhancement of the social, moral, academic, environmental, and spiritual values, to cater to these special needs of the kids.Batang Potchi Shoot about puppetry featuring roppets (25)

The group started in February 1987 with students and professionals who are actively involved in the art of puppetry; performing a series of school tours, mall tours, and catering thousands of birthday parties and other social events nationwide. It is a member of the prestigious Puppeteers Association of the Philippines (PAP) and Puppeteers of America (P of A).

Roppets Puppet Production never fails to create a fantastic world that touches the hearts of both kids and adults alike through the years.  A world that brings a fresh perspective of life in spite of its harsh realities. The Roppets Puppet Show is more than just a show, it is life.