Birthday Parties for Kids


birthday party with bumblebeeCan’t decide what to do on your son or daughter’s birthday party? Are you having problems in finding a location? Let us handle your problem. Kid’s parties should be a lot fun than what adults have. You shouldn’t be that serious with that frown on your face. Reminisce the moments when you were a kid and let that out as well. In the end of the day, you should be enjoying the party!

Roppets has organized hundreds of thousands of birthday parties for over 25 years. Our existence has become an instrument in changing the way birthday parties are celebrated. In the dearly 1980’s having birthday cakes, ice cream, chocolates, balloons and a clown for entertainment is the focal point of parties. Now, kids are looking for more fun! Roppets introduced puppet shows and other a party decorated with balloonsunique educational entertainment for children that you can’t find in other party suppliers. Our puppet shows, string puppets, table puppetry, fancy magic shows, dancing bubble shows, mascot characters, giant puppets and ventriloquism are one of a kind. We take the opportunity to educate your youngsters in our parties as we value education and entertainment. Lastly, what differentiates us from the rest is our passion to make your kid’s birthday party a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Here are some simple steps whenever you’re planning a birthday party:

Picking a Theme

This is the basic part. What do you want to do in general? Do you want a licensed character like Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse or a pirate party, blue party? Always make sure that the theme is suitable for the age of the celebrator. You should write all of your ideas in a sheet of paper and think about the pros and cons of each. Bear in mind that it will affect all aspects of the party like the food, decorations and invitations. We have lots of themes to choose from. Let us know your preference and we can give you the package that you want.

Creating Invitations

Creating invitations can be easily done once you have a clear picture of the theme. Make sure that you schedule the party convenient with everyone so that your guests won’t be in a rush when they come in. Jot down all of the people who potentially will come so you have a rough estimate of the head count. We can help you create electronic or traditional invitations.

Buying decorations

Roppets being one of the biggest party suppliers in the Philippines can be your one stop shop for party decorations. Our decorations always match the theme of the party.

Planning Games

Our best hosts can bring the party to life. Games are mandatory for children’s parties so make sure that the location you’re planning to use for the party is enough for what you plan to play.

Planning the food

The food is always crucial. Roppets also offer food catering so you don’t have to worry about the preparations on the food. But if you have time to prepare for that, make sure that you shop for the ingredients ahead of time. Order the cake a few weeks before just to make sure you will have a slot in the bakeshop.

Planning the drinks

Soft drinks and fruit juice is usually served in parties in the Philippines. Make sure that you keep the drinks cold. Serving cold water is also a good idea as kids need to hydrate whenever they’re playing.