Jingle Production,Soundtrack Production,Music Scoring, and Album production

The director of Roppets Mr. Danny Liwanag himself is a composer and musician. The length of time for jingle songs are shorter than a regular song. Usually songs we can hear over the radio runs in about 3 minutes average. Jingle songs last for 30 seconds or 1 minute only. Mostly, the lyrics in a jingle are promotions of a particular product or service. It can be heard through a radio or TV together with a video production. Jingle songs are very effective in recalling certain word or tune because the lyrics and tune are very simple and easy to follow.

In Jingle Production, the voice talent may be a male, female or a kid. Voice talents are auditioned and screened very well. If they pass the test, their voice will be recorded and will be filed in a library of voices where a client can choose the type of voice fitted to the jingle.

Jingle production is a challenge for musicians, composers, lyricists and singers. Although it has a shorter time of recording, it should create an impact to the listener in a very distinctive manner.