Hand Puppet Shows

A puppet show performance

Usually hand puppets are made of foam based material covered with cotton brush cloth as the skin of puppet character. The main movement of the puppet is the mouth. Hand puppets are constructed with bigger mouth so when it talks, it can be understood even in far distance. There are other parts of the face that can be controlled and manipulated like the ears, eyes, nose and eyebrows.

Hand puppet size is measured approximately from 6 inches to 24 inches high. This includes the half body and head. It is always the mouth design is made first before any other parts of the puppet. The character design will evolve in the figure of the mouth.

Roppets Edutainment Production Inc. have available puppet kits for sale. This is used during seminar and workshops. The kits includes dismantled body and head parts. In the workshop, the puppet maker demonstrate how to assemble the parts to come up with an original puppet character.

Compared to other forms of puppetry, the hand puppets are more enjoyed by kids to watch. Aside from its cartoonic design, it has various colors that make it really attractive and fun to look at. It talks directly from the mouth.

The hand puppet can be manipulated by one, two or three puppeteers depending on the character and structure it was made. For example, a magician character. One puppeteer will control the mouth using his right hand. Another puppeteer will perform the two hands in presenting the magic tricks.

The hand puppet when manipulated by one puppeteer, can control the two hands aside from the mouth movement by using the two rods connected under the palm of the character. Moving it upward and Downward will show a real action of the hands.

Hand puppets are better if performed by a group of puppeteers. Aside from its interaction with the audience, puppet can talk to each other. A backdrop can be made depending on the scene of the story. Props are made of cartons, foam and other light materials. Roppets also used wigs for the hair of puppets. Sometimes yarn or foam. Truly, its a lot of fun doing hand puppet show.

Marionette Theater Show

Funny strings by roppets

Tali Galaw/Funny Strings is one of the best creations of Roppets. Participated in different international festivals and performances, awarded as the best group that preserves and promotes national art in terms of puppetry and awarded as the most active group in the International Puppetry Festival in Indonesia.

Tali Galaw is the first and only Marionette Group in the country that perform in different schools, malls, museums and Events. Tali Galaw promotes Filipino traditions, dances, folktales and Philippine history.

Funny Strings is the commercial side of marionette theater show, using the favourite characters of children, funny strings adopts the story and transform it into a string puppet show.

Table Puppetry

A puppeteer manipulating a table puppet

From the many puppetry art forms of Roppets, comes Marcelous and Casius. The first and only Table Puppet in the Philippines. A unique puppetry art form that is very effective to get the attention of kids and adults in birthday parties and events. Usually consist of one puppeteer and one assistant and a table. Performance of the said art can be a great tool for promotions and product launching.


Fancy Magic Show

puppetry plus magic by roppets

The first puppet magician in the Philippines, Peto Salamangkero, the puppet magician, performs different magic tricks for kids, making balloon twisting and bubble magic trick. Joining him is the two little clowns that perform a comedy act with dance number. A simple and yet, a unique show that can be a big hit for events and shows.

Black Theatre Technique


Teatro itim is a group that performs a black theatre technique puppetry. The group have performed in different theatres in metro manila and Iloilo and also a delegate to the 2nd Puppetry Festival held in the Philippines and the 2nd International Marionette Festival held in Hanoi Vietnam.

Giant Puppets

Giant puppets performing in SM Cubao

The first giant puppet it the Philippines that stands 10.5ft high at the same time it has head manipulation, swinging arms and walks like a real human. We have 4 costumed giant puppets to choose from, American, Japanese, German and Arabian. We also do personalized costumes for giant puppets to suit your themes.

Bubble Show

child inside a bubble in a bubble show

The Bubble Factory is also a production of roppets. Our group is the only bubble show group in the Philippines that has three performers, usually all girls in themed costume with dance and choreography. Bubble factory performs with class and prestige impression to audience with a wholesome concept. Showing the different kinds and sizes of bubbles while dancing, adding lighting and smoke effects to achieve the perfect show for kids. At the end of the performance, children and at the same time, adults can go inside the giant bubbles for picture taking and photo souvenirs.

Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalkers during performance

Stilts are poles, posts or pillars used to allow a person or structure to stand at a distance above the ground. Walking stilts are poles equipped with steps for feet to stand on, or straps to attach them to the legs, for the purpose of walking while elevated above a normal height. Stilt walkers are ideal entertainment for kids.

Statue Mimes / Live Mannequins

statue mime and live mannequins in one of our shows

Living statues originated in Europe now in the Philippines. Human with body paint and costumes act like statues. The fun begins when they start moving surprisingly. We offer this entertainment to special events, promotional activities, exhibits and parties.

Magic Shows

A magician performing

The art of producing illusions by sleight of the hand. We have the best illusionist in town. See the amazing magic tricks that can conquer the eyes of the audience. A good treat for children during Easter, Halloween and Christmas events.

Face Painting

Face painting is the oldest and still the most requested art activities for birthday parties and events. kids usually requests animal designs, butterflies, cartoon characters, witch and halloween designs, scars, super hero designs, tribal and gadget designs.Roppets uses hypo allergenic skin paints to prevent allergies and irritations.

Glitter Body Art

glitter body art by roppets

Not like the ordinary face paint, roppets also do glitter body art that suites to your birthday parties and events. usually, activities are very effective for kids for their enjoyment. Glitter body art uses glitters and hypo allergenic adhesive to produce a unique designs such as animals, butterflies, tribal designs, flowers, plants and floral designs.

Henna Tattoo

Description to follow…

Nail Art

Description to follow…

Balloon Twisting

balloon twisting by antonio liwanag

Make your favourite lollipop balloons into different figures, animals, shapes and hats. An artistic style from roppets, that can target the attention of kids and adults. You can also make your own balloon designs and learn how to be a pro!