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Roppets Edutainment Production Inc. Never fails to create new concepts, new attraction for birthday parties and events, new shows and new entertainment. For our 2015 line up, Here is our Newest and Most Requested Puppet Show Stories for you guys! Doc Mcstuffins From Disney Junior, Doc Mcstuffins, Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie, Oooey gablooey, chilly ready to
Our newest character mascot for birthday parties and events! FINN Mascot from adventure time! Full name: Finn the human, with his famous white, blue skin with green and blue bag. Known for being cute and awesome! =) Hurry! For bookings you can contact us at 9127748 / 6688644 / 09189370604 / 09175228100 or you can
Roppets Edutainment Production Inc. again releases our own version of Easter bunny character mascot for your Easter events and parties. Roppets is well known for their character mascots that gives happiness to your parties and events. Hurry! avail our 15% discount and get your slots blocked right away! call us and book our Easter bunny!
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Tali Galaw Marionette Show

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 by
Tali Galaw is a string puppet production, established in 1995, the first and only Filipino marionette group conducting regular performances to promote and professionalize the art of marionette puppetry in the country. It’s plays promote Philippine history, folktale, and environmental protection, good moral and cultural values. A winner of the television program Magandang Tanghali bayan
Teatro itim is under Roppets edutainment production inc. that promotes the art of puppetry and using the different art forms to show the magic and delightful art of puppetry. Teatro itim is a group that performs mostly in theaters and auditoriums which are closed and can produce a dark atmosphere. Why dark? Usually, art performances
Roppets Edutainment Production Inc. releases its new entertainment birthday party packages at a LOW PRICE! For more than 25 years in the children’s entertainment industry, Roppets is known for its unique quality educational entertainment for birthday parties and events. Combining Educational and Entertainment “Edutainment” Roppets lives its legacy to give happiness and contentment to our clients.
Modern puppetry  in Southeast Asia presents an interesting and active phenomenon. It combines elements from traditional forms, particularly the shadow play as well as those derived from the west, with the new forms presenting a considerable range of influences from European puppetry in particular. At the same time, the region’s examples of modern puppetry manifest
Summer is one of the awaited seasons because of its hot but fun escapades. For birthday parties, summer themed birthday celebrations are very popular, Hawaiian themed parties, summer heat wave parties etc. Introducing the FIRST and THE ORIGINAL Bubble show that is consist of three all-girl performers in themed costume with dance number and bubble
You better watch out! you better not cry! better not pout I’m telling you why! Santa Claus and Frosty mascot are now in the Philippines! Check out Santa Claus as he gives joy and happiness to kids and adults. Frosty the Snowman as he plays and cuddles with them these Christmas season. Hurry! grab the
The concept of presenting a short play of Snow white and the seven dwarfs as character mascots was made possible by Roppets edutainment production inc. for birthday parties and events in a less cheaper cost for our clients. You can choose the complete show that is compose of  a short play of snow white and the seven
The most famous character mascots for birthday parties and events, Spongebob squarepants and Patrick star! Roppets Edutainment Production inc. offers a wide range of character mascots to choose from. Spongebob and Patrick are one of our best sellers. The performance of the mascots are compose of three sets of 20 minutes. three appearances total of
Our purple dinosaur friend Barney and his friends mascots are ready to entertain you for your birthday parties and corporate events here in the Philippines! Barney and his friends promotes educational lessons to kids in a early age. Using songs as a tool to teach them basic educational topics, Barney and his friends became a
The most popular Japanese kitty white mascot can now visit your birthday parties and events here in the Philippines! Hello kitty! The Japanese bobtail cat who is well known by here kind-hearted personality and gives happiness to kids especially the teens. Roppets Edutainment Production Inc. offers the most cutest and cleanest hello kitty mascot here
Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog! now we got ears, it’s time for cheers! from the original soundtrack of playhouse disney, comes! Mickey mouse! Minnie mouse! and Donald duck character mascots! from Roppets Edutainment Production inc. Roppets is in the business of presenting mascots for birthday parties and events for more than 25 years.
The Samahan ng mga Papetir ng Pilipinas (SPP), composed of Mr. Danilo Liwanag, the artistic director, Mr. Juancho “Wanlu” Lunaria, ventriloquist and Mr. Sam Fuentes, Puppeter, represented the Philippines at the 3rd International Marionette Festival held in Hanoi, Vietnam from September 4 to 9, 2012. The event was organized under the auspices of the Vietnamese Ministry