Table top puppetry is also the same as the rod puppetry. Puppeteer use a table for his / her puppet to be manipulated. attached rod extensions or holder are located at the back of the head, hands and feet. To be able to move the puppet, the puppeteer moves the rod on how he moves
Teatro Itim is a black theater puppetry. It is a theatrical staging technique which uses ordinary black light channeled into a carefully controlled flat vertical beam or “light curtain”. About four to six meters behind this light curtain is a totally black backdrop. The manipulators, dressed completely in black velveteen, stand between the backdrop and the
A unique kind of Bubble show composed of female bubble artists in costume performing complicated bubble formations while dancing to the beat of selected musical theme. Plenty of bubbles created in one act while it moves together with the music. Thematically arranged music edited to suit the taste of the audience. See the longest bubbles