Black Theater Technique by Teatro Itim

12,000.00 30 minutes

Enjoy the mysterious effect of our black light show with a touch of comedy.


Teatro itim is under Roppets edutainment production inc. that promotes the art of puppetry and using the different art forms to show the magic and delightful art of puppetry.
Teatro itim is a group that performs mostly in theaters and auditoriums which are closed and can produce a dark atmosphere. Why dark? Usually, art performances needed bright lights, colorful lighting effects to illustrate scenarios and events. Some of them use lights to spot on a performer to get the attention of the audience. Teatro itim uses the black light technique in a total dark area or venue to produce the unique neon colored puppets while movements are visible without seeing the puppeteers. The manipulators, dressed in black velveteen, stand between the backdrop and the light curtain. They hold the puppets directly in front of themselves into the light curtain. Due to the imperfection of the human eye, sees only the brilliantly lit puppets against a field of black. The magic advantage to black theater is that the puppets are no longer bound to the stage floor. They can freely move in the vertical as well as horizontal planes and can appear and vanish without any technical problems.
Teatro itim established in 2005, have discovered the wonders of puppetry and using live people, unique concepts and manufacturing their own neon color puppet designs. The group has been performing in different schools nationwide. It participated in the 2nd ASEAN Puppetry Festival held last February 2010 at the abelardo hall Auditorium at U.P. Diliman Quezon city and was featured in the Earth day Celebration of GMA 7 entitled: “One earth, One journey”


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