Corporate Mascot Fabrication

Our Packages and Rates




Fiberglass Head

Foam Head

Shiny Finish

Fabric Skin

Eye Manipulation

Plastic/Fiberglass/Cork Eyes

Fiberglass/Fake Fur/Yarn Hair


Foam Body

Reinforced Inner Surface with Insulator

Skin with Fabric Costume

Arms and Legs

Foam Body

Reinforced Inner Surface with Insulator

Skin with Fabric Costume


Foam Shoes

Soft skin leatherette cover

Cork sole







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Mascot Design and Fabrication by Roppets

Conceptualize your own mascot character design and we will make your ideas alive!
Roppets also accept mascot designing and fabrication. Whether you have your own design or a new concept, we are committed to create that memorable costume for you!

We are experienced in constructing mascots. We started in this business since we’ve been in the puppetry business. That’s over 20 years of experience in making mascots. You can trust us with your mascot making needs because we consider all of the factors such as:

    The Costume Design
    Appropriate materials to be used
    Comfort of the performer and safety
    Logistics – transportation and storage of the mascot
    The environment of the performance
    Maintenance of your mascot

Our Process

Attention to detail is a must in fabrication. We always aim for perfection.
Our process usually runs in a time-frame of six to eight weeks. This time-frame can be faster depending on your specifications and requirements. If you already have a design in mind then that would mean a faster time-frame. Like any other mascot making company, we’re always encouraging all of our customers to interact with us especially during the planning stage. We always aim to satisfy our customers by keeping accurate measurements and keeping an eye on the details to accurately provide the specifications of your orders.

Why your brand needs a mascot

A “Mascot” is a general term used by companies in promoting their products or services. It may be a puppet, person, object or anything that can represent their company in the market. It can dance, walk, run and sway. Some have special effects like movement of eyes, lips, ears etc. It’s very catchy kind of marketing that still works in the 21st century even in very saturated niches.

Mascots help a lot in promoting your products and services as it gives a personality to your brand. It generally creates a positive and happy feeling to your customers and this can influence a lot in your sales. Remember, people buy using their emotions and NOT by their logic. Moreover, mascots are entertaining thus adding more value to your brand.

In addition to that a face to your brand helps in reaching out to your customers. There are a few factors to remember whenever you’re creating your mascot:

A Mascot Should be Happy
The face of your brand that will face your customers should have a very positive vibe. The attitude of people around us can influence our emotions. Happy mascots can brighten up someone’s bad day and that can influence them to buy or sign up for what you’re selling.
A mascot should have bright colors
Statistically, colorful objects attract the eye. That being said, a mascot with bright colors can attract potential customers. A strong brand like McDonalds is using this technique in their marketing efforts.
A mascot should be unique
A brand should have their own personality. The fact that a mascot’s purpose is to attract someone else’s attention, it means to say that they should have their own attitude. The design of course should run in conjunction with the image that your brand wants to project. Always think out of the box and design something that no one has seen before.
A mascot should be cuddly and huggable
This doesn’t apply to all niches but if you’re targeting kids, this is a must for you. If you have a cuddly mascot that can be loved by kids, they will be attracted to your mascot leading to a sale. Most of the mascots out there are soft and fluffy but not all of them are huggable. What’s the difference? It all boils down to the design.
A mascot should be timeless and evergreen
Just like in any other marketing technique, a mascot should be timeless and evergreen. This means that you’re not aiming for short term sales but for long term. Your mascot should be instilled in your market’s minds through the years. Minor revisions to the design can be implemented to suit them as time goes by.