Cultural Marionette Show by TALI GALAW

6,500.00 30 minutes

We promote our Filipino Culture and Traditions to kids using the art of Puppetry.


Tali Galaw Marionette group is one of the best creations of Roppets. The group has been a delegate to several international festivals in Asia. Awarded as the best group that preserves and promotes national art in terms of puppetry and awarded as the most active group in the International Puppetry Festival in Indonesia.

A marionette is a very specific type of puppet, one that is operated with sticks and wires attached to its jointed limbs. It is manipulated from the top of the stage by puppeteers and they use their voices to give life to the dolls as they manually maneuver its movements.
The Philippine Marionette Theater Show aims to showcase the history of the Philippines to children in the quest to enlighten them to our rich cultural heritage.
Tali Galaw marionette show was the official delegate of the Philippines to the 1st ASEAN Puppetry Festival held in Jakarta, Indonesia last December 2006. A participant to the 1st International Marionette Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam last February 2008. A delegate of Yun Lin International Festival Taiwan and a participant to the 1st Philippine Puppetry Festival held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the predecessor of Samahan ng mga Papetir ng Pilipinas.
This show is an enrichment of lesson in HISTORY, CULTURE, SIBIKA, FILIPINO, PANITIKAN and TRADITION.
Learning Objectives:
Learn the History of Philippine Independence through the art of Puppetry, Identify the true Filipino culture, Appreciate Filipino folk dances, Hold a Marionette Puppet and manipulate it, Experience a live interaction with the marionette, See the usual activities being done during fiesta celebration and how to make simple marionette/string puppet.


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