Stuffed Toy Fabrication / Construction

We accept bulk orders of stuff toys with your own design or we can provide you designs for your stuff toy. It can be used for events, promotions, souvenirs, birthday give aways, sports fest and giveaways.

Roppets is engaged in stuffed toy making. A little bit of open fiber, a little cut of velor cloth and a little bit of sewing, its a stuff toy. It may sound so simple but artistic know-how and creativity are the two important elements in this business.

The Pattern of design is done first. Each part of the character’s body and head has its own pattern. Then the pattern edges will be drawn in the cloth. Next is the cutting of cloth and sewing. Last is the stuffing.

The Arowana Stuffed toys used by the MVP Olympics as give-aways to players last year and this year were made by roppets. Also, the Hornbill stuffed toy of Palarong Pambansa in Dipolog Zamboanga held last May 7-15, 2011 were made by Roppets. These are just samples of our products. There are more characters available in our showroom.

Roppets believe that Filipino stuffed toy makers can compete with other Asian countries as to the quality and art. But when it comes to pricing, China offers the lower price. Because most of the fabric comes from china and labor cost is lower.

Roppets is praying that our government will support stuff toy making business in terms of supply and marketing.