School Tour

One of the best marketing strategy of any company who handles products for children is to promote their products in schools.
Roppets puppet show is the most effective tool in educating children through entertainment. The puppets are loved by children. They are very influential in terms of conveying messages which teaches moral, social, environmental, cultural and spiritual values. The puppets can talk compared to mascots characters and any other form of children’s entertainment. Roppets Edutainment Production Inc. specializes in organizing school tour events to facilitate the marketing plans of your company.

Our signature service for marketing your products to schools is creating a puppet story using the everyday experiences of students. Connecting your products on how to help students to their problems and promoting it through the art of puppetry with a mix of spiritual and moral values.
Roppets offers services to companies from the conceptualization of project up to the execution. It provides the script, recording of voices, music editing, music scoring, jingle composition, tag lines, puppet construction of characters, props, backdrops, merchandising, hosting, sampling, storage of give aways, transportation and booking of schools.