Roppets as one of the most Prestigious Children’s Entertainment Company in the Philippines, held Puppetryseminar and workshops in schools, churches, barangays and malls.
A complete basic manual on how to do puppeteering is available for distribution during the seminar and workshop.Within a period of one or two day seminar, the participants would have a broad idea of what puppetry is. How to manipulate a puppet. What are the equipments needed to stage a puppet show. How to construct a stage. Voice syncronization, voice projection, music scoring, recording, directing are all part of the seminar workshop.

one of the puppetry participant who enjoys making puppets
Also, if the participants would request to include puppetry making, Roppets offers a puppet kit. These are ready made puppet parts to be assembled during the workshop. Participants will have a chance to make their own puppet characters.
After the Workshop, Participants would be able to form their own puppet group. But is very important to determine the objective or purpose why they are forming a group. It may be used in television production, church evangelism, a tool in teaching toddlers or pre-schoolers or as a form of educational entertainment for birthday parties.

practicing puppetry movements
Whatever purpose you may have in presenting a puppet show, use it as a form of interaction with children. Puppet characters are very attractive to kids. Never make a fool out of puppets. Maintain its cleanliness and quality. That is what PUPPETRY art is.