Table Puppetry

3,000.00 30 minutes

A sophisticated puppetry art form that shows the magic of puppetry


Table puppetry is another branch of the puppetry art that uses a table and a doll will rods and handles. The Manipulation of the puppet is to hold the rods of the puppet at the same time the handle of the head of the puppet is inserted into the mouth of the puppeteer to imitate the movement of the puppeteer. The puppet is placed on top of the table that will serve as his stage or area. The illusion is, every movement of the puppeteer is almost the same movements of the puppet, showing the principle that the life of the puppet comes from the puppeteer itself.
Juan Sipag is our very own concept that portrays a man coming from the city and is sick and tired of living in the city. Seeing the pollution coming out of vehicles, garbage thrown by man and dynamite fishing. He learns that he can change the world by changing the attitude of every man.


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